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My research lies at the intersection of design, human factors, and systems. It addresses the increased demands on human-centered design innovation by devising theories and methods that put people front and center.

I am interested in formulating design theories and methods that explore inter-dependencies and co-evolution of humans in engineering, natural, and social systems.

Design, human factors, and systems


My interests are broadly about design science, in particular, human-centered design theory and methods. I conduct research in experimental and computational human factors, including digital human modeling (DHM), and develop transformative design strategies, such as the digital human-in-the-loop (D-HIL) framework, to facilitate the prediction and optimization of well-being and performance.


My group aims to deepen the theoretical and practical foundations of human-centered design in order to develop modern transformative design theory and methods toward desirable and sustainable change in product, process, and service innovation. 

Our work is supported by collaborative grants from federal and state agencies, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC), and Oregon State University (OSU). 

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My work focuses on formulating human-centered, transdisciplinary early-phase design strategies that seek to create desirable and sustainable changes and solutions, ultimately supporting people-planet well-being. 

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Digital human modeling (DHM) research aims to synthesize theory, principles, methods, and technology from a wide range of disciplines that enable computational visualization, modeling, and simulation of human-system interactions to facilitate the prediction and optimization of well-being and performance.

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The digital human-in-the-loop (D-HIL) is a novel early-phase design framework that supports human-system integration and enables designers to align design objectives toward people-planet well-being.

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